Front-runner in multiple
Business Sectors

Operating in industries including international trade, agri-foods, logistics, real estate, tourism, sports and green technologies.

Strategic Partner
in South-East Europe

Our focus is on our partners and to create successful and adaptive businesses and solutions to keep them engaged and satisfied.

We Invest
for the long term

We have a diverse mix of companies that we own and/or invest in.

Our Business

Amani Swiss is a diversified
company operating in industries
including technology, healthcare,
tourism & hospitality,
and real estate. Since its
conceptualization in 2015,
Amani Swiss has transformed
into a front-runner in multiple
business sectors.

Business With Us

Our greatest strength lies in forming
strategic partnerships with organizations
looking to establish a strong presence
in Greece and South-East Europe. Our
advantage is the extensive knowledge and
invaluable expertise we possess of the
international business landscape and our
commitment to advancing the interests
of our partners.

New Opportunities

At Amani Swiss, we are truly passionate about business in the region. We have a diverse mix of companies that we own and/or invest in. Through our regional experience, network and financial strength, we strive to make our companies best-in-class. Our brands and relationships are built on trust, integrity and an above-and-beyond delivery.


Amani Swiss has become a notable force in the agri-food, sports, logistics and transport landscape in Greece and South-East Europe. We have achieved this with a combination of strategic partners, active ownership and business investments. We seek to improve the quality of life for our partners by continuously improving our products, services, and delivery systems.
Food & Agricultural Products
We source and trade food and feed commodities all over the world. Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, Beverage and Liquor, Dairy Products, Snack Foods, Condiments, Sweets, Agricultural Products, Synthetic Foods, etc.
Commodities Trading
Our team has extensive experience in the oil and the broader energy commodity business, minerals and industrial metals, grains and soft commodities with the trading desk and the logistics team operating in parallel to efficiently manage our physical transactions.
Our outlook is to build long-term relationships with all our clients based on trust and service received, while adapting to your business needs and reacting to the demands of ever-changing operating environments. We use our chosen network to provide a wide range of logistics and transport services and extensive pallet distribution coverage from Greece to Europe and around the world.
We believe strongly in delivering winning business outcomes through our deep industry experience and a doing business harnessing the latest technology. While cities all throughout the world are embracing a future of electrified urban transport, Amani Swiss offers integrated 100% electric mass-transit solutions.
We aim to develop and grow sports franchises utilizing our experience and knowledge of the sports industry, and the commercial sector. Amani Swiss aims to balance the provision of commercial insight and consultancy with an ambition to acquire and develop sports brands with our partners.
Real Estate
We concentrate on the acquisition of real estate assets and property companies suited to house residential or original hospitality concepts. We work with private equity firms, family offices and institutional investors. But also, private investors participate in our high yield real estate projects and hospitality properties.

New Products

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11 Zinonos Sozou str., 1075, Nicosia
6 Panepistimiou str., 10671 Athens Greece
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